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2020 King of the Air Jesse Richman is one of the most well-rounded figures in kiteboarding. With multiple world titles under his belt, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Jesse aspires to send it in every aspect of his life and whether getting barrelled in 60ft waves or launching from snow-covered Norwegian mountain tops, his stoke on life is second to none. In 2019, the Maui local became a father.

"Never have I felt love like this and cared for anything so much. I find myself extremely motivated always to be the absolute best version of myself. I want my daughter to look to me and see the man that I want to be and know I can be."

Watch Jesse tow-in friend Kai Lenny in Maui.


Jesse was born and raised in Maui, where he developed a strong connection to the ocean. He started surfing and windsurfing, then discovered kiteboarding at the age of 9.

He has devoted 15 years of his life to the sport and is constantly looking for ways to push both his own limits and that of the kiteboarding industry.  

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