Daniel Kereopa

Legendary South Pacific Surfer and Waterman Daniel Kereopa joins North from New Zealand's surf capital, Raglan. 

“Since I was eight years old, the ocean taught me everything I needed to know - the ocean has led me to become me. All the big surf, the small surf and all the competitions – that’s the experience I bring to every piece of equipment I put my feet on."  

DK competed on the world circuit as a surfer for 25 years. In 2015 he was awarded “The Ultimate Waterman” - beating Kai Lenny and a line-up of the world’s best across eight-disciplines in ten days. His passion now is DK Surf School, which he runs with his wife, Renée Kereopa.  

“What I teach in our surf schools is how to enjoy the element you’re in. I don’t want you to love just the ocean; I want you to love everything around it. I do everything for the love of the game; and the game to me is spending time on the playing field – the ocean."