HandlePass Leash

Unhooked / Wakestyle


Black/Red: O/S


Leash only (no Freestyle Leash Ring)

CODE: 85007.220026

Consistent fast release and reload

Longer leash for unhooked riding. Raising the bar on safety and comfort, our HandlePass leash has a soft neoprene cover, non-abrasive elasticised webbing and high load 316 stainless steel carabiner. The leash quick release mechanism has a longer pin to ensure correct orientation is maintained when released for consistent, secure release and reload.


Freestyle Leash Ring not included

The Freestyle Leash Ring is supplied with the Standard Freestyle and Long Freestyle Loops. It is not compatible with the Standard Freeride Loop.

Quality soft elasticised webbing outer

For rider comfort and longevity.

Swivel to prevent twisting

High load quality

316 stainless steel carabiner.

Quick release

With optimised pin length for easier release.