Launching North Next Gen

Launching North Next Gen

04 May 2021

North Next Gen is an initiative whereby our team of legendary athletes have been tasked with inspiring a new generation of pro kiteboarders. Our riders have each hand-picked a young rider from their local spot to train up, mentor and share their years of experience with. With the likes of Nick Jacobsen, Jalou Langeree, Graham Howes, Jesse Richman, Marc Jacobs and Camille Delannoy mentoring these young athletes, the sky’s the limit!

Find out more by clicking on the links below to see who our athletes have chosen to take under their wing:



North Next Gen








“I always look forward to riding together with Nick Jacobsen. I like his style and try to imitate him and how he pulls off his tricks… Ultimately my goal is to be the youngest competitor in Redbull King of the Air.” – Next Gen - Maxwell Dahl, Nick Jacobsen- Mentor  Keep Reading

"He has a cool, calm, & collected attitude that's patiently awaiting the perfect moment to pounce. Being in the ocean with Marley inspires me to give it everything I've got!" - Jesse Richman, Next Gen - Marley Franco Keep Reading


"I’m working on a backroll to toeside... My goal for this season is to get onto the waveboard as Jalou is my role model. I want to ride on the North Sea swells like she can." - Next Gen - Noor Zirkzee, Jalou Langeree - Mentor Keep Reading


"It's quite amazing seeing a wakeboarder convert into kiteboarding. And how it has sped up the progress on the transition... Seb has been riding for around 8 months now and has a great level for how little he has spent doing the sport. I’m excited to see how far he wants to push it and progress onwards." - Marc. Jacobs, Next Gen - Seb Bramley Keep Reading


"It’s simple, for any Big Air Kiter to be on the international North team is huge. Born to compete I needed to be part of a largely competitive and stable team of riders I can look up to and aspire to be." - Next Gen - Jett Bradshaw, Graham Howes - Mentor Keep Reading


“It’s a lot of fun but mostly very motivating. We ride together most of the time and it really creates emulation on the water. It’s also cool to be able to share something like that with her and have the same passion.” - Camille Delannoy, Next Gen - Capucine Delannoy Keep Reading