Red Bull King of the Air - Countdown Window Open

When will the 48-hr Countdown Begin?

03 February 2020

Red Bull cancels competition on 1 Feb and starts tracking a very good-looking system later next week.

Two-time Red Bull King of the Air champ Aaron Hadlow (GBR), Oswald Smith (RSA) and Ewan Jaspan (AUS) opened Red Bull King of the Air on the first day (1 Feb) of the two-week window period.

The three played guinea pigs of sorts as they tested the conditions in Round 1 of the most prestigious big air kiting contest in the world. The riders managed to make the most of the conditions and dropped a few medium-sized moves over the ramps on offer by the one-metre swell. Some five minutes into the heat however the organisers made the call to nullify the result as the conditions did not provide enough opportunity in which to perform.

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"We made the call to officially cancel competition for today," explained Sportive Director, Sergio Cantagalli.

"Conditions simply weren’t as epic as we had expected. It’s a big air contest, not a freestyle event, and the wind as it was today just didn’t offer the riders the opportunity to put on a big air performance,” he said, adding that in such gusty conditions injury is a very real risk.

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Stay tuned for updates here on when Round 1 will get underway. Currently the team is tracking a "very good-looking system" later next week.