Step 4: Change your Fuse

Fuse length – 600 v 700 mm

A shorter fuselage is more pitch sensitive than a longer fuselage.

Pitch sensitivity

Pitch is the movement of the foil fore and aft. Pitch sensitivity is beneficial for a foiling in the surf, pumping and downwind. A shorter fuselage is generally easier to pump.

The 600mm Fuse has a shorter, faster pump cadence versus the longer 700mm fuse, which has a longer, slower cadence.

A longer fuselage offers greater stability, ideal for learning to foil.

Turning Radius

Shorter fuse = tighter turning radius (arc)

Longer fuse = wider turning radius (wider arc) 

Aluminium v Carbon


The Carbon Fuselage is 42% lighter than the aluminium fuselage, yet still incredibly strong.


The aluminium Fuse is CNC-machined into a hydrodynamically-optimized shape. The carbon Fuse has a sandwich construction with a foam core inside and a thin carbon laminate wrap on the outside.