Step 3: Switch your Stab

Upgrade your ride.

While your Front Wing creates vertical lift, your Stabilizer or “Stab” has a downward acting force, which prevents the front wing from nose-diving.

A larger Stab equals more front foot pressure, a smaller Stab less front foot pressure.

Your Sonar Stab is mounted on top of the Fuselage, creating a smoother ride and providing an early breach warning and improved recovery.

Pre-preg carbon construction ensures optimal stiffness and direct performance. The thin profile section reduces drag, while the material properties help maintain structural integrity and rigidity.

Our thin-profile, higher aspect ratio carbon stabilizers offer reduced resistance and a more efficient outline.

As you progress to smaller wing sizes, change to a smaller stabilizer for added manoeuvrability.



Pair the S320 with a larger front wing for early planing, greater balance and stability.

The S270 is your go-to for all round performance, offering optimal balance, speed, efficiency and control.

Pair the S210 with a smaller front wing for high-speed performance and a more agile feel.

Flat, loose and fast. The S208 has a higher aspect ratio and a flatter rondure (front view) for experienced riders.



Finetune your ride

The rear Stabilizer’s main role is to maintain a level and stable flight path. However, conditions and user preference may change what stabilizer angle feels best (aka the sweet spot).

Shimming changes the angle of attack (AOA) and controls the amount of downforce the Stabilizer creates on the overall foil system.

The smallest tweak in the AOA can improve comfort, reduce fatigue, change the cadence of your pump or the turning radius of your carve, allowing you to increase/decrease your front and rear foot pressure without changing your foot position.

With the Sonar Stabilizer Shim Kit you can stack multiple shims, from -0.5 to +2.5 degrees. Positive shimming will increase front foot pressure. Negative shimming will reduce front foot pressure. The full stack (+2.5deg) creates the maximum recommended AOA to ensure your stabilizer is still effective without creating drag.


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