Step 2: Find a Front Wing

We offer four different series of Front Wings:

Reflexed, Mid-Aspect, High-Aspect and Swept.

Each Front Wing delivers a different feel, speed range, manoeuverability and performance across different disciplines.
Front Wings with larger surface areas are typically suited to heavier riders and beginners, while smaller Front Wings are best suited to lighter or more advanced riders.


Learning / Wing / Surf / Wake / Kite

SIZES: 1500R, 1850R, 2200R

Predictable lift for learning to foil, smooth carvy feel, roll and pitch stability, and impressive control throughout the entire speed range. Larger sizes are ideal for light wind winging.

MA Front Wings


Wing / Boat / Kite
SIZES: MA1050, MA1200, MA1350

Agile, fast-turning wings offering a balanced feel with good pitch stability and powered-up performance. Ideal for wing foiling, the MA wings generate lift easily without pumping.

HA Front Wings

Wing / Surf / Tow-In Surf / Downwind / Kite
SIZES: HA850, HA1050

Our highest-performance wings are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. Efficient, fast, and direct, with exceptional glide. Suits high-speed winging, surfing bigger waves, and riding downwind swells.

Sonar Swept Wings

Kite / Boat / Wake / Tow-In Surf
SIZES: 850, 1150

The Swept series combines speed and agility with a low stall speed, making it ideal for all ability levels. Ideally suited to Kite Foiling, learning to foil behind a boat and tow-in surfing.


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